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Are you a Breeder who would like to offer our products and cages to your clientele?

Grow your business and earn commission by offering our products to your clients, if they buy a baby bird from you sure enough they will also need a cage, some food and some toys, they can buy these at a pet store but it would be a great idea to offer all they need at the same place, your place! it will give you a massive advantage to your competition and you will definitively increase your ability to sale your babies because your potential costumers will prefer going to you rather then a breeder who only sale birds but no cages and no toys etc.

You can now be a one stop shop that offers everything your costumer needs and love
You can become the best breeder in town right now!

By joining TheParrotSpace.ca Team you can sale our product online directly from our website and/ or right from your aviary! you are free to choose to keep inventory at your aviary or we can take care of everything for you, we will keep inventory, package and ship directly to your client, earning you a lifetime commission on each of your successful sales and create unlimited revenues. Apply toone time and join the team.

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